Unexpected gifts this year

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Hi there, I’m Ethan Seow. And I’m here to talk about 2020 in review, as well as some thoughts about what it means to be human today.

This year, everybody has been talking about COVID. Because it is the biggest thing to happen to humanity in a long while. But not COVID itself, the virus itself was not the biggest thing. It’s the response that we had towards it and the way that our government as well as our people managed it.

Of course, it…

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Recently, there’s been a lot of conversation about the power of a single person’s opinion and voice. From the Black Lives Matter movement to Singapore’s 2020 General Elections Ivan Lim saga, the topic of having a voice creating impact through is a critical one at this point.

It gives many of us hope that the individual’s voice has an impact and therefore it is valid.


Our voices are valid only if it has an impact?

In one of the conversations I had with one of my clients at The Office Matters, the client said, “What’s the point of voicing…

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I learnt recently a great way of looking at how people look at romantic relationships and wanted to extend it to many other things. The way of looking at things is called connection versus performance. Are we looking for them to perform, meaning to behave in a manner that makes us feel a certain way? Or are we looking to connect, which means to focus on deepening the relationship and the understanding of each other?

Let’s go into romantic relationships to start this exploration.

When we fall in love and start a romantic relationship, what is it that attracted us…

Written by: Ethan Seow Yi Zhe / The Chill Philosopher

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I am writing this personal manifesto because of a deep need to connect with people who think similarly. And for those who know me, this has been a path I’ve been on for a long time, but could never articulate it fully until recently (literally 2 days before writing this). Let me begin by stating my personal life-work and how I hope to achieve it.

Goal: Create a world where people are conscious and mature, focusing on what matters as a humanity rather than mindless self-gain.

Method: Create a society…

Dear readers of Chill Philosopher,

I’m sorry that I dropped the ball on continuing to update The Chill Philosopher. I did not realise this till just last month — I was terrified of putting up my content online and unintentionally hurting someone in the process, and I didn’t know that that was what deeply affected me. I thought I was going to put up some awesome articles and started chickening out unconsciously because I was falling prey to my own expectations.

Hahaha yes, I fall prey to the very things I talk about. =)

And for the last few months…

I mean it quite literally — most of us feel the need to keep moving and cannot stop enough to rest

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If you were brought up in a society that believes in being “better dead than sick” & that “sleep is for the weak” when it comes to working, or if you pride yourself as a workaholic — you have difficulty learning how to take a break. This article is for you.

Learning how to rest has been one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life and learning how to emotionally rest when I’m sick has been even more critical. …

In my previous articles, I was explaining about how standards and expectations were different. I attempted this through the examples of how the way they manifested in actions. I also told you about my journey in music and how I shifted my expectations to grow more as a musician. In this article, I would like to look at how to make standards & expectations work for you and your goals.

The Black Box

When something is below one’s expectations, it functions like a black box. Anything below the expectations is equivalent to useless, meaningless things. As with my previous story, when I did…

In my previous article, I was explaining about how standards and expectations were different. This was attempted through the examples of how the way they manifested in actions.

If you were to observe your emotions in reaction to situations, do you feel frustrated most of the time? Do you often feel satisfied with how things turn out? Do you feel a reluctance and/or hesitation trying to create the life you desire? Does it take a lot of willpower to try to work on what you really wish to work on? …

Going down the rabbit hole of how the mind works.

When I first heard about this book and how people found it amazing, I did feel quite disgusted and surprised by what people were saying — that the subconscious and unconscious do not exist. To understand more about how I break down the mind, do read 3 Men In A Room.

So I spent some time digging. I’ve always liked the process of digging into what’s creating this feeling of utter violation of my beliefs. I have not yet read the book but I’m going through his logic system in the video below and finding myself super amused by it.

I often have people come to me huffing and puffing, frustrated, lost and panic-stricken, “I can’t stand that person! He/She is just…”. They then proceed to start describing what the person should have done or shouldn’t have done.

My usual reply to them is, “How often do they do this?”

And the answer is often, “Always.”

“So why do you expect more out of the person when they keep doing the same thing?”, I ask.

“Because I refuse to lower my standards for another person.”

The above scenario is how it plays out for the majority of people I meet…

Ethan Seow

Trainer, Speaker, Author, Musician, Ex-Medical Student. Ethan is a mental health maverick focused on helping people gain clarity about their thoughts

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